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Since the birth of the Urban IDR Community of Owners have been our major customers forming our core business. After more than 13 years and 300 buildings rehabilitated for them, we are full aware of their needs and continually improve to offer exclusive services to meet those needs.


At Urbana IDR we are aware of the difficult economic situation and the great effort that represents a the work of rehabilitation in a Community of Owners. When basic necessities jobs designed to correct serious problems that can affect even the safety of users, their execution can not wait in a case to a slow capitalization of the Community. That is why Urbana IDR available to the Community of Owners Direct financing services work through own resources without bank intermediation. This enables the solution of the problem regardless of the time of payment.

Managing Grants and Subsidies

An external consultancy is responsible exclusively for our customers and communities Owners free of charge , management and processing of all aid for the rehabilitation work to be done, repair, improve efficiency energy, accessibility, etc

Installing anti-intrusion systems on scaffolds

From  Urbana IDR we know the concern of the neighbors against possible risks of unauthorized entry into their homes or taking advantage of the scaffolding aids necessary for their execution, so maximum care closure to avoid them, and offer the possibility of placing anti-intrusion barriers  that abort any attempt.

Energy Assessment

Energy saving is one of the goals we pursue any action in rehabilitation. The performances in facades and roofs can dramatically increase the energy performance of the building. Therefore, from Urbana IDR we provide free of charge,  to the Community of Owners, the possibility of  doing  energetic scan on a field-work to know the improvement obtained and directly affects the classification of its housing.

Customer Service

In Urbana IDR we developed a rigorous method of work to avoid claims after completion of work. Even with this we have created an entire department to manage any incidents arising during or after the execution of the work. Fully adapted to the uniqueness of the Community of Owners.