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The age of edified park and its exposure to harsh environments means that the number in buildings affected by serious diseases structure grow up rapidly year after year. Traditional repair techniques are expensive therefore URBANA IDR is committed to innovation, and in this field with the goal of a lasting repair at the lowest possible cost, allowing preventive measures to avoid further damage in the future.

One of the projects within this area is the developing together with the multinational BASF the implementation and monitoring of corrosion inhibitors. The Building Rehabilitation at Torres Blancas in Alicante (K10 Architecture) is an important example of it.

The singular Residential had a concrete cladding severely affected by exposure to the marine environment. The usual action of demolishing and replacing was redesigned in order to achieve significant savings to the owners. In this case we developed monitoring systems of application with photodegradable pigments that provide complete confidence in the work done by its easy testing.

Working wi …


In the continuous search for materials and techniques that add value to our research projects the field of ventilated facades is born in the company.

Since this is a booming sector because it allows placing a second measure skin to both, renovated buildings and new construction. The variety in materials (ceramic, polymer concrete, natural stone, concrete, steel, GRC, "solid surfaces", aluminum, etc. ..) and the rapid improvement in performance (thermal insulation, acoustic, durability, etc. ..) allows its used in a wide range of projects. Being a dry construction, timelines and costs are reduced. On the other hand requires a skilled workforce to ensure security during its installation.

Experience URBANA IDR working on the building wrap has been central to the development and improvement of these systems. An example of this, comes up when the collaboration between URBAN and Dupont Corian © arises This techno-material has been traditionally installed indoors, but its high technical characteristics: lightness, strength _ UV rays and malleability make it an imp …


In the field of Repairing & rehabilitation remains much to do, to have been the younger brother in the construction of new buildings The current situation with a very aged park of infrastructures to which is necessary to maintain and repair, allows us to continue advancing.

We are currently working on repairing systems for concrete bridges that meet the same previous assumptions: the lowest possible cost, less impact, repair rather than demolishing.

Example of this was the bridge repair on the CV-800 up to Campello (Alicante). Disqualified for 3 years because of the blow of a vehicle which damaged much of the section of the beams Once again consulted by the authorities to contribute to the ever costly and inefficient demolition alternatives, we have managed to repair it in strengthening at low cost in without the need for bulky road cuts.

At Urbana IDR are committed to repairing that provides sustainability, efficiency and integration with what is already built, which is part of our environment.