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Posted on 2014-02-02


The Consell has incorporated into the regional section of the Income Tax (PIT) for this year and next, 2015, a deduction of 10% for those homeowners who undertake renovations and rehabilitation at home or in the interior, or the building itself. The measure involves taxpayers with reported income of 23,000 EUR in the case of individual claims and 37,000 at the Joint.

The initiative also aims to strengthen for the rehabilitation sector activity as a refuge to the crisis in the construction of new buildings and, in turn, generates employment. The plan took effect on January 1st and beneficiaries may be tax deductible 10% of the project cost with a maximum of 4,500 Euros.
The regional project, initially for the next two years, alleviates the cuts made ​​by the central government, which in 2013 eliminated this deduction. Until then, the maximum amount of deduction was 9,015 EUR per person, if the individual statement, and the same amount in the joint statement. Above this amount, the taxpayer deducted 15%.

The lack of new projects for the construction of new housing, despite last year began two thousand, difficulties in obtaining financing, some developers also request them to get rid of the stock-selling product if, the hundreds of homes that are still sold, although the situation has improved over the lack of new development and foreign demand, and the need to adapt thousands of homes to new planning legislation, meaning that housing rehabilitation it has become shelter sector for builders, moreover, since January and for two years (2014-2105) have the indirect support of the Consell, by the remission of tax.

 A report by the Department of Infrastructure, only in the province of Alicante estimated that 32,000 homes would be modernized over the next two years, which can generate an investment of 250 million Euros. The study goes further, and argues that in the whole of the Valencian Community, the rehabilitation sector can become a motor of employment until 2025, with the improvement of about 300,000 houses, two billion investment and the creation of 95,000 jobs.

Average cost
The technical estimates that the average cost of the rehabilitation of the housing reaches 10,400 EUR per floor. The main actions are the reform of kitchens and bathrooms, which is 73% of the total, the adequacy of windows and doors, 38%, 29% pavement, and facilities in homes 24%. The estimated private elements of Total direct investment are 166.4 million Euros a year.


The rehabilitation support contrasts with the cuts that the Government has given to the promotion of social housing. During the next 4 years it has relieved municipalities to plan plots for VPO in their urban development, whenever they justify that the percentage of unsold flats exceeds 15% of total planned in the planning, which is true in 90% of municipalities where such housing is built in the Valencian Community. The measure was driven by an initiative of the PP as an amendment to the Town Planning Act of Valencia which was included in the Act to Follow Budgets of the Government.
Source: Diario Information.