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Reinforced Concrete Structures

Repair any reinforced concrete element is the application of techniques and products to replenish the conditions of the original state of a structure or reinforced concrete element, after the appearance of one or more associated patiologías. Urbana IDR specializes in techniques and products needed to perform a proper repair pra structures and reinforced concrete elements.

Ventilated facades

A ventilated facade is a building system designed to improve the energy efficiency of the building. It consists of a "second skin" attached to the facade by a supporting structure. This second skin can be of different materials: Ceramic Viroc Alucobond Corian, Polymer Concrete Sandwich Panel, Polyester, Composites, etc. .. Urbana IDR collaborates with leading manufacturers from anchorage systems and support of ventilated facades, and has developed specific systems in materials and systems innovation in this field.

Sealing buried structures

Troubleshooting for water inlet is for Urbana IDR daily occupation. We master the various technical waterproofing kits underground structures, basements, tunnels, walls, etc.


Thermal Insulation

Urbana IDR works in the continuous development of new techniques for applying insulation to the building enclosure in order to achieve significant energy savings by users and therefore an increase in the energy efficiency of our building stock. Being aware of the urgency in this respect.


Humidity damage are by far the No. 1 ranking pathology under construction. They are common and primary cause of many of the rehabilitation process. Offering a durable repair is our purpose to them We use advanced materials and are very rigorous in its execution. Decks, terraces, walls, floors, ... each requires a detailed study definitively eliminate the problem.

Civil works and infrastructure

Infrastructure and its maintenance is essential for economic and social development. Urbana IDR provides construction and maintenance services which include both the basis of road (roads, bridges, tunnels, etc..), As the works aimed at driving energy sources: water, gas and electricity.


Born in a region with a broad historical, archaeological works are always previous to any other task of the building process. We act quickly and respecting our history.